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Hollywood’s Film Combat Academy

Stage combat looks good on your resume, but does your stage combat look good on film?

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(This course replaces our old certification class. Get footage of your fight!)

Owner Tim Weske has worked as a film & stage fight director/choreographer/designer/arranger/trainer and coach for 30+ years. He opened his training facility/school, SwordplayLA, in 1992. He has trained and coached celebrities as well as actors just starting their careers. He has also designed and choreographed fight sequences for many of Hollywood's top directors and producers.

Weske has developed a system of staged combat that is far superior to the "normal" 6 parry system that has been used since the beginning of film making. The system draws the power from the body and not the weapon. Specific balance, tempo and timing are just a few of the techniques learned in Weske's system. Understanding these techniques and how your body works will allow you to be more committed and confident during your fight sequences. The system allows you to achieve realism and commitment as well as entertaining the audience. With this system's techniques in place, and when rehearsed with a fight arranger that knows what he/she is doing, you can have full body shots with cameras locked down while just allowing the actors to fight.

Tim Weske

See Weske's resume/reels/references at www.fights2film.com. For booking, contact him at (818) 421-2926 or swordmaster1@earthlink.net.

Projects choreographed by Tim Weske

Check out the video below to see how the system works.

The power of timing, tempo, balance, vision and precise movement can be seen clearly in this video. All the fighters seen in this video had little or no fight training before they trained with Tim Weske.

If you have more questions about classes or would like to book space in our classes, please call (818) 421-2926 or email director@swordplayla.com.

Classes include:

  • Private and semi-private lessons.
  • On set training and choreography.
  • Group seminars (in and outside Los Angeles).

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Filmed Fight Boot Camp Course

This three day boot camp is designed to take the student through a real filming situation. Students who participate in this course will walk away with not only knowledge of the practical side of fighting, but also the knowledge of how it works and feels in a filming situation.

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Upcoming courses available in January, February, March and April 2018.


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Hollywood Actors Combat Academy class

Learn the system trusted to train Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock and many more! Students will be taught timing, balance, footwork, focus, attacks and defense all while learning a choreographed fight scene!

Other Ongoing Classes and Private Lessons

Discount Private Lesson Package
$200 for 5 one-on-one lessons
Work with a Tim Weske trained instructor for the first 4 lessons to put together a choreographed fight. On the 5th lesson, Weske will come to the class and work with you. Lessons scheduled based on instructor availability.

Private Lessons with Tim Weske
Contact us for details.

On-Going Weekly Classes
All classes are $22 per class.
The weekly classes are ongoing and accommodate students of all levels of experience.  We suggest you start with the introduction to stage combat class to get a strong foundation on the basics.

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Hollywood Actors Combat Academy class


Hollywood Actors Combat Academy class

Weske trains on location or at his private studio. He trains and choreographs in ALL weapons from one-on-one duels to full scale battles. Students are taught timing, balance, footwork, focus, attacks and defense as it pertains to theatrical swordplay.

He has adapted his extensive knowledge of technique with the contemporary demands of today's film/television & theater industries. The Hollywood Actors Combat Academy at SwordplayLA focuses not only on practical technique, but also serves as a foundation for creating and applying your own. Whether you're an actor, choreographer, director or sword enthusiast, this unique program will broaden your abilities.

Stunt Coordinators

Studio space is available for fight sequence rehearsal, training and choreography.

We have a variety of weapons and gear available, including:
- Pole arms
- Swords
- Axes and pole axes
- Shields
- Fencing gear
- Crash pads (8x6 pit)

16.5' ceiling
48' X 38' large room
18' x 37' small room
Air conditioning
Big screen TV for video playback
Private gated parking

combat space

combat space

View more pictures of studio.

For rental and space inquiries, contact Tim Weske directly at 818-421-2926 (call or text).

How Do I Choose Where to Train?

There are many fight trainers to choose from, so how can you tell who knows what they are doing?

  1. Actions speak louder than words. Look at their work. Not them fighting, but their students fighting. If a person shows you video of themselves fighting, ask who choreographed that fight?
  2. Do they understand fencing? The greatest sword masters/fight arrangers in film history were Bob Anderson, Bill Hobbs, Ralph Faulkner and Fred Cavins. All of them are experts in the sport of fencing.
  3. Being able to really teach fencing means that you are able to see what a student is communicating to you and you understand what needs to be adjusted. It is important for the student's body to work in harmony with his/her brain, giving them the confidence to move freely and believably during the course of a fight.
  4. Is the person's resume accurate? It is easy to mislead a person with a resume. Don't hesitate to check the facts.
  5. Make the right choice. It is your career, it is important to invest the time and quality training to reach your goals. Better to learn the right way first so you don't have to retrain your body later.

Share Your Experience

Do you have a stage combat horror story? Or do you have a testimonial on how taking a Hollywood Actors Combat Academy or SwordplayLA class helped you succeed? Let us know! We want to hear about your experience with training and/or performing on set.

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For information or to make a class reservation, please contact us.

Swordplay: 416 S. Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA

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