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Weekend Combat Intensive Course

Combat Class Schedule & Pricing

Audits are welcome, a registration is required by calling (818) 421-2926.

On-Going Weekly Walk-in Classes

Walk in classes accommodate every level of student.

It is hard to reach the highest level of human emotion in a fight if you are unsure of, or don’t know, proper techniques.

Space in these classes will be limited so please call (818) 421-2926 and make a reservation in the class you would like to attend.


5:30 - 6:30 pm $25 Weapons Training Walk in Class


Noon - 1:30 pm $25 Weapons Training Walk in Class

A fight should be a moving thing with a life of it’s own. The things that happen during the fight should look organic and not staged. Capturing the realization of a fight while making it safe and entertaining is not an easy task. Proper training to understand these techniques is the answer to creating violence that will help bring your story to a different level. It will also give the performer the confidence to commit fully to the expression of the violence. Proper training allows the actor to focus on being in the moment so there is a constant flow of physical energy directed into the objective of the entertainment of the fight and so enhancing the story.

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Weekend Combat Intensive Course

Course Description

This course is for all levels of fight experience.

Saturday will be sword/weapons training. Students will learn fighting with weapons techniques along with a choreographed sword fight that they can then take and film outside of class. Sometimes signing up with a friend is a good idea if you would like to shoot the fight on location after the class.

Sunday will be hand to hand and knife fight training. Many different fight techniques taught plus choreographed segments using these techniques.

Emphasis on consistent movement while engaged in fights.Safety while achieving the goal of realisum. Balance, focus, concentration, control, commitment, timing and tempo are a few of the things that will be taught.

Class size limit: 12

Instructor: Tim Weske

Tim Weske has been a performer, fight coordinator and choreographer for over 30 years. He has choreographed thousands of fights and trained thousands of people. He has been in constant training and has had his own school from 1992-present. Through the years Tim has created his own system of fight choreography that is much different then others you may have seen.

Weekend Combat Intensive Dates and Information


Saturday only $150 ($75 deposit)
Sunday only $150 ($75 deposit)
Full Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) $250 ($100 deposit)

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place in the class. This is a first come first serve basis, all sessions have a limited number of places available. You may choose to pay your deposit here through the payment link, or come by the studio at 416 south Victory Blvd. Burbank CA 91502 with your deposit.

$15 discount to SAG/AFTRA members and members of other stunt and acting groups. Please email Tim for details.

Full Weekend: August 31 and September 1

Saturday and Sunday 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Cost: $250

Register for the Aug/Sept 2019 Full Weekend Combat Course, $100 non-refundable deposit:

Saturday Only: August 31

Saturday 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Cost: $150

Register for the Aug 2019 Saturday Only Weekend Combat Course, $75 non-refundable deposit:

Sunday Only: September 1

Saturday 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Cost: $150

Register for the Sept 2019 Sunday Only Weekend Combat Course, $75 non-refundable deposit:

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Class Prices

Registration must be made in advance. Space is limited.

(818) 421-2926         fight@lahaca.com

On-Going Weekly Walk-in Classes
Weapons Training: $25 per class

Private Lessons
$110 one hour private lesson
$160 semi private lesson

Cancellation of a Class
AT THIS TIME we do not require a deposit for reservations in a class. Please provide a 24 hour notice for class cancellation. Failure to show or give 24 hour cancellation will result in full payment in advance for any future classes.

How to Register for Classes, Workshops and Courses

Registration is required. Hollywood Actors Combat Academy class sizes are limited.

For weekly walk-in classes, please call (818) 421-2926 or email fight@lahaca.com.
Tell us the class you would like to attend, including the date and time.
Students may pay at the door.

Private Combat Lessons

Hollywood Actors Combat Academy private lesson

Tim Weske has over 30 years of combat training and has created a system of movement that is unlike others. Understanding movement and problems that exist with students balance, tempo and many other little things that keep a student from reaching their full potential can only be learned by practical and ongoing study in the art of swordsmanship. The expertise Tim has in this area is unmatched by anyone.

Private lessons are held in his studio in Burbank. Lessons are available for groups or individuals. We can also come to you for training.

Tim is available to choreograph your project.

For more information and booking a time to meet please contact at fight@lahaca.com